Web of Prayer

This is a program where you invite a politician to come live with you and sit at your table and sleep in your house and . . . no . . . that is not what it is about.

But . . . what if . . .

"His Dominion shall be from sea to sea."

Zech 9: 10

Imagine the effort it would take for one person (let's say YOU) to pray daily for each Member of Parliament and the Prime Minister. If you even spent 30 seconds praying for each one, you would need over 2 1/2 hours every day. If God leads you that way, you should go that way. . .

But . . . what if 308 people each committed themselves to pray for one Member of Parliament. How much deeper could your prayers probe if focused on one target? Instead of 308 people reciting the list and trusting God to bless the effort, those same 308 people could each pray for the specific needs in one leader's life.

There will be research to do, letters to write, and issues to pray for. Instead of shooting buckshot prayers across the nation (though there is need for that too), you can be a sniper for God. And you can rest in the knowledge that other snipers are taking on the other 307 MPs. And God bless the infantry with their shot guns too. Together we can assault the nation with an arsenal of prayer.

This is the founding principle of the National Battalion and the model for the Provincial, Local, and Global Battalions. Together we can effectively Shock and Shake the pricipalities of the air that are leading our nation away from God.

We will teach you how to begin praying for your Politician, how to enlist others to pray with you, how to make contact with your target, and how to inform him (or her) that the church of God cares for them and holds them accountable to fulfill their mandate as unto God.