Web of Prayer

This web site is all about prayer. We believe that prayer is the answer to the problems in our nation. We want to help you to become the "righteous man" (person) whose prayers "availeth much" according to James 5:16.

"His Dominion shall be from sea to sea."

Zech 9: 10

We know that as we join our hearts together and pray for our nation, that God will heal our land as He promosed Israel in II Chronicles 7:14. We believe this promise to "His people then" (Israel) is transferable to "His people today" (the church of Jesus Christ).

In the words of an unknown Christian, quoted by David Mainse in God Keep Our Land (pg 2), "Don't waste time on pomp and ceremony. You said you were coming to pray, then concentrate on the business of praying." So, at the risk of sounding redundant, we are praying daily that people will pray.

Pray For Us

Pray for this ministry, that God will use it to help vaccinate our nation with a revival of prayer. In prayer, ask God about how you can participate in this ministry. The job is bigger than any individual can do, but united in a web, praying Christians across Canada will insure that every political leader, every region, and every city will be covered daily by a measure of prayer. The extent of the measure is up to you and I.

Pray that God will release the resources that are necessary for this ministry. Our needs are not much but they are very real and God knows all about them. We are committed to not be found pleading for your money in this project. We do, however, covet a small segment of your prayer life in support of our needs. If you will take a moment to read our support guidelines you will find that unless God is directly leading you, we don't want your money. We feel that asking you for your time to participate is commitment enough and that is what we want to be about.

Pray With Us

The goal is two-fold. We want to help as many Christians as will participate to deepen their prayer life and their walk with God and to pray specifically for the healing of our nation. To this end, we have prepared a one month Boot Camp that will broaden your scope in the prayer closet. You will explore 12 different Biblical types of prayer and develop a meaningful 'hit list' that will encompass your home, your community, your church, your province, your nation, your world. We trust that this time will be valuable to novice and veteran alike. It will also make you familiar with the format for the bigger project.

We are assembling an Army under God that crosses all denominational, geographical, partisan, and culture lines. We will take back our nation for God. Boot Camp will give you a sense of whether you will want to be part of this army. Even if you choose to not continue, you will walk away from Boot Camp with a better sense of the power of prayer and we will be glad for that. I have taught this program in a variety of venues and we have always seen personal growth in the participants.

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