Web of Prayer

We are commited to not be found begging you for money. God has resources in the pockets of his people and He can loosen it if He wants to. Please join us in prayer and ask God to release funds as He sees fit from where He pleases.

"His Dominion shall be from sea to sea."

Zech 9: 10

  • Rule number one - if God doesn't ask you to send us any money - we don't want any from you. We are not after your money. We are after your time. We plead with you to invest some time in the Kingdom of God. Pray for your nation.

  • Rule number two - If you do feel led to help us financially, please don't touch God's tithe. That belongs in your local church and we don't want any part of robbing your local church.

If I haven't made it clear yet, This project is not about your money. It is not even about your time spent for us. it is about you and I investing some time in the Kingdom of God in Canada. It is about restoring our nation to Biblical principles.

Yes, we have some needs, and God knows all about them. If you will pray, God will provide, either through generous donators who really catch the vision - or through some interesting circumstance. If we are going to be all about prayer, then our needs will be met by prayer.

If you catch the vision of a nation wide prayer web, and you have a burning desire to help us out, we will be happy to receive the gift and call it from God. Need a tax receipt? Sorry, God hasn't led us down that path yet.

If you have any reservations about joining hands with us because you think we might ask you for some money - we don't want your money. And no, this is not some cute reverse psychology. We only want to motivate you to invest some time in prayer for our nation.